Scholarship Information

Career Research Due In September
Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship - Due September 30th
Student Aid Links Due In Ocotober
Loran Scholarship
- Due October 24th
Horatio Alger Association - Due October 25th

99 Scholarships

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Due in November
TD Bank - November 15th
Manitoba Beef Producers - November 6th

Due in December
Dr. Dale Iwanoczko Memorial - MHSAA - Dec 13th
Burger King - December 15th

Due in January

Due in Feburary

Hockey Manitoba Scholarship Deadline is extended to May 1st! Due in March
Hamiota District Health Centre Foundation Inc. Bursary - March 1st
Remax Quest for Excellence Bursary - March 9th
JA of Canada Awards - March 29th
MHSAA Scholarships List! - Various Due Dates
Business Council for Aboriginal Education - March 31st

Due in April
RBC Royal Bank Scholarships - April/May
Centennial Entrance scholarship (UM Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences) - Due April 1
Retail as a Career - April 1st Deadline

G3 Grow Beyond scholarship - April 1st
Garret Lee Sidor - Male Basketball Scholarship - April 5th
Manitoba Canola Growers - April 9th
Manitoba Odd Fellows - April 15th 2020
Learning Grant Program Valeyo Solutions - April 17th 2020
Ken Friar Nicolson - April Deadline
McDonalds Leadership - April Deadline
Morris Glimcher Student Manager
Sami Jo Small - April Deadline
Student Life Network - April 30th Deadline
Arts Council of Manitoba - April 30th Deadline
CPA Manitoba Foundation Inc. - April 30th

MHSAA Scholarships
Alexander Josephson Memorial Scholarship: April 1, 2020
D’Arcy Bain/Fred Stevenson Award: April 1, 2020
Garett Lee Sidor Memorial Scholarship: April 8, 2020
Ken 'Friar' Nicolson Award: April 1, 2020
McDonald's Leadership Award: April 13, 2020
Sami-Jo Small Award: April 1, 2020
Winnipeg Jets Alumni and Friends Hockey Scholarships: April 1, 2020


Due in May
Valleyview Coop - Academic Merit Scholarship - May 1st Deadline
Mazor Group - May 1st Deadline
Curl Manitoba Scholarship - May 1
Hockey Manitoba Scholarships - May 1st
Manitoba Credit Unions - May Deadline
Transcanada Pipelines - May Deadline
Westman Highschool Hockey - May 17th
SNOWMAN Scholarship - Deadline May 8th
Red River Ex Foundation Inc - May 10th
Westman's Award of Excellence
- Instructions May 1st Apps into Mrs. Brown by May 1st
Bayer Fund - Deadline May
Mark Dickof Scholarship - Deadline May
Academic Mert Scholarship - May 15th
Hamiota Municipality Volunteer - May 15th
MHSAA Scholarships List! - Due Various
NCW National Leasing Scholarship
Pat Rutter Memorial Junior Men's Scholarship - May 1st
Edna Moffatt Spirit of Youth Curling Scholarship - May 1st


Due in June
Hamiota Chamber of Commerce - June 1st
Hamiota Municipality Volunteer Award - June 1st
Criteria is the same as last year. R.R. Smith Construction Community Development Scholarship - June 1st

Prairie View Municipality - June 1st
Fusion Credit Union - June 16th
Lorne Foundation Busary - June 1st
Criteria is the same as last year. Harding Community Bursary - June 1st
Harding Ag Society - June 15th
Hamiota Ag Society - June 7th
Villages United Early Learning Center - June 5th
Manitoba Shorthorn - John A Nevin - June 8th
Horatio Alger National Vocational & Technical Scholarship Program - June 15th
Andrew Budge Scholarship - June 24th
Senator Gerry and Margaret St. Germain Bursary - June 26th
Canada's Outstanding Young Farmers Memorial - June 30th


Due in July
National Union's Scholarship - MGEU

Manitoba Royal Canadian Legion Bursary - July 31st

Manitoba Royal Canadian Legion Scholarship - July 31st




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