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Email Mr. Bruce Coulter- Principal
Ms. Erica Snyder - Senior High Science
Mr. Jerry Crampain - Business Education
Email Mr. Kevin Salmi- Music and Band
Email Mrs. Julie Facey - Middle Years English Language Arts and Grade 8
Email Mrs. Melissa Mitchell - Middle and Senior Years French (On Leave)
Email Mrs. Tana Huberdeau - Resource
Email Mr. Chris Obach - Middle and Senior Years Social Science
Ms. Sara Lopes - Physical Education (On Leave)
Email Mrs. Kaylie Whelpton - Senior Years Math
Email Mr. Cory Smith - Middle Years Math and Science
Email Mrs. Diane Brown- Senior Years English Language Arts and Guidance
Email Mrs. Amber English - Divisional Speech Pathologist (On Maternity Leave)
Email Ms. Chelsea Kostesky - Grade 7
Email Ms. Jillian Hawkins- Grade 6 and Middle Years French
EmailMrs. Laura Cowling - Grade 7 (On Maternity Leave)
Email Mrs. Gail Graham - Educational Assistant
EmailMrs. Tiffany Crampton - Educational Assistant
Mr. Bob Lints- Educational Assistant
Email Mrs. Nadine Slimmon - Educational Assistant
Email Mrs. Karma Hawkins - Secretary
Email Mrs. Paula Lints - Librarian

Mr. Darcy McTavish - Head Custodian
Mr. Ken Smith - Assistant Custodian

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