Hamiota Collegiate

Hamiota Collegiate Institute is a grade 6 to grade 12 school located in Hamiota Manitoba, Canada. The school is separated into Middle Years (Grade 6-8) and Senior Years (Grade 9 - 12). HCI is proud of its tradition, offering an excellent academic program, as well as a quality extra curricular program consisting of athletics and the arts. Hamiota Collegiate's philosophy is to provide a friendly, cooperative and supportive environment which fosters the individual growth of all students and personnel.


  • Monday
    Sept 21st

Gr 10-12 Group B

  • Hello there

  • Tuesday Sept 22nd

Gr 10-12 Group A

  • Wednesday Sept 23rd

Gr 10-12 Group B

  • Thursday Sept 24th

Gr 10-12 Group A

  • Friday
    Sept 25th

Gr 10-12 Group B

  • Saturday
    Sept 26th

  • Sunday
    Sept 27th

  • Monday
    Sept 8th

  • No Classes Professional Development Day




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Hamiota Collegiate

Box 200
Hamiota, MB
204.842.2803 - Phone
204.764.2725 - Fax


Last Updated - September 23, 2020